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Kina Diving has an experienced and qualified team of CSWIP inspection divers who provide expert underwater inspections and reliable NDT inspections on any marine structure or facility including wharves, jetties, bridges piers and slipways, water storage facilities (dams, weirs, tanks, etc.), pipelines, outfalls, aquaculture facilities, navigation aids, mooring systems.

We supply high standard detailed written condition reports including quality colour digital video and still photography which can help in establishing the type of repairs and maintenance that may be required for future protection and prevention of any deterioration.

In-water inspections include:

•   Non-destructive testing inspections 
    -   ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle, A-scan display, eddy-current
    -   digital video surveys and photography
•   Bio-fouling inspections
•   Ship surveys
•   Seabed surveys